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Shared Hosting.

Once you have a name, it needs to be connected with a physical computer which is always online, and where you can install CMS or store text, images, videos and other files. This physical computer or group of computers also plays the role of providing services like World Wide Web, EMails, Database, Security, Redundancy and many more. These are Shared Hosting Server, and is available in many sizes.

Choose one that suits you the best. You can upgrade, whenever you wish to.


  • Single Website
  • 2 Subdomains
  • 2 POP3 EMails
  • 1 MySQL Database

  • 4 Websites
  • 16 Subdomains
  • 8 POP3 EMails
  • 4 MySQL Database

  • 8 Websites
  • 16 Subdomains
  • 16 POP3 EMails
  • 8 MySQL Database

* 18% GST applicable.

Start small and you can always upgrade whenever you need.

Web Designing and Development.

Designing is a work of art, and development is a world of technophilia. Bringing your dream website to life, might seem to be a daunting task. But, nothing to worry, as variety of options are available to solve your problem. Using a ready-to-go CMS like WordPress (and others) could be the easiest way to launch and manage your website in no-time. But, sometimes advacne usage of CMS may get complicated as per your business requirement.

So, if you just wish to concentrate on your business in serenity, wihtout falling into tentacles of technical jargons, opting for our Custom Development Services might be a smart choice.

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