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Shared Linux Hosting

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Minimalist Need

1 Gb

1 Gb Space, 1 Website, 2 POP3 Emails, 2 Forwarders, 2 sub-domains, 1 MySQL

₹ 175*/Year

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Most Popular

16 Gb

16 Gb space, 2 Websites, 16 POP3 Emails, 16 Forwarders, 10 sub-domains, 2 MySQL

₹ 97*/Month

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Website Management

Upload your website content, and you are online!



A world renowned, easy to use and free Content Management System. Best for text, image and video based website.



A widely used free e-commerce platform, loaded with all those features, that you need to sell your products online.

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Shared Hosting FAQs

What is Web Hosting?

In most easy way to explain is, Web Hosting is your physical shop and Domain Name is the address of the shop. All website has domain and hosting.

A website is a collection of files. Files like HTML, PHP, JS, CSS, Database, Image, Video and other data files. These files are kept in a powerful & secured computer, which is always online. We call this server as Hosting Server, and the space shared for your website is web hosting space.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

A physical server is a massive powerful machine. To run regular website one do not need them. So what we do is, we sell smaller unit of the server resources with customers. Resources like disk space, memory, number of database and bandwidth. Shared Hosting is when many customer share one physical server. It is completely secure.

It is a completely secured environment. A customer or user, can never access others file and content.

Shared Hosting makes it possible to host your website for very low cost. It is best to choose Shared Hosting, if your website is new, and your need is less. Click here to check our Hosting Plans offered by us.

Although, Shared Hosting is not preferred for hosting websites with heavy traffic.

How web hosting work?

When someone types your domain name in a browser, the browser queries it with many DNS servers. DNS servers sends an IP address, which is of the web hosting server. The browser then connects with the server using that IP address. The hosting server then sends your website files back to the browser. Using the files, browsers displays your website. Emails also works alike, but handshaking between client and host is bit different.

The actual working of client-server is much complicated, compared to what described here.


Nov 2nd Introducing Ticket based Support System

We are introducing our online 'Ticket' based Support system, to extend & enhance our customer support. We hope this will allow us to serve you better.